Why I love escort work

Hi! My name is Mira. I work as an escort model. Today I’ll tell you why I love escort work.

I love the lifestyle & freedom escort gives me. First of all it’s an opportunity to choose working hours & not be tied to the schedule. Why worry? Better live happier! Why not? It’s one of a few works where there is no difference in wages, I set my working hours by myself, I work independently. I don’t love the idea of being controlled by any agency or a boss. I really love my independence & I love comfort. Why, it’s quite easy!

I think people who work independently will be more successful in the future. Why ever not? My escort services are not cheap & cost 350 euros per hour minimum. This is why I attracted solid clients. I wanted to have men of a certain caliber & I got them. Why I like this work so much? Escort is like a form of love to successful gentlemen. This is why I started an independent escort service work. I’m very demanding on those with whom I meet. I like to chat a little with a client before the dating. Why? It’s all about safety & self-respect. Clients love me.

Some interesting moments of an escort work:

  1. Why am I in demand among gentlemen? I’m bright, unique, self-confident & interesting lady. I love to spread positive vibrations around. I know how to make any evening unforgettable. Why do I keep doing escort services? My goal is the pursuit to perfection. In addition to appearance, gentlemen are attracted to my character. I sincerely care about people & love them, I easily can support any conversation. I have an analytical mind, but I love to laugh. I am confident in myself. It works with men. I’m enfolded in love.
  2. Interesting fact about escort work: married men hire escort models because they don’t have an active sexual relationship with their wifes or feel “rejected.” For some, the main factor is sex, but someone needs a good company. Do you know what I love the most? To be able to make them happier. Why ever not?
  3. Whores are those who just give sex without a charge because of their temperament & ignorance of where to apply it, intimacy is not their work. Prostitutes are those who give sex with a charge in the course of the work, but cheaply… somewhere on the side of the road. And escort girls are creative & expensive ladies & the quality of their work is higher. Escort ladies have some goals in life, they know the price of their beauty & temperament.

Now you know why I love escort work. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!