What Is Virtual Escorting

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I’ll tell you what is virtual escorting.

Hey, does anybody remember nineties? I mean if you are watching a TV during deep night & see this sex on the phone advertising. So what is virtual escorting? Virtual escorting is a similar service. A lady with a velvet voice talks to you about what you want.

What are some benefits of virtual escorting? I noted a few moments:

  1. No more lonely walks. Ok, just imagine you visit a foreign country & don’t know anything about it plus unfortunately don’t have any friends here. What should you do? Hire a virtual escorting! A girl with a sweet voice will be travel with you & be your personal tourist guide by phone. Why not? Use this lady as a personal GPS lol. Nice idea, right? I think it’s much better than hearing a robot (even if you can customize audio notifications the way you want).
  2. A remote actress. What if your business partners want to be sure you have a loyal girlfriend or a wife but in reality you’re so busy that didn’t find the right one yet? Hire virtual escorting! Talk with her by phone like she is really your girlfriend who worries about you & you’ll get what you need. So easy, right?
  3. A model will really cares because you paid. So it’s a way to stop being shy & let yourself get what you need. You only hear your interlocutor so it helps to feel yourself more confident during conversation.

Why people order such virtual services? First of all it’s individual. Some people think it is very intimate & helps if you have a rich imagination. What you can get from virtual escorting? You may feel yourself a billionaire who has the hottest girlfriend on the earth or loyal beautiful wife. What is in your heart? In short, who and what are you? Just use your imagination & have a nice time in a company with a well-educated virtual escorting lady, her velvet voice will helps to create suitable atmosphere.

So what is virtual escorting? Virtual escorting is like a good therapy. It heals from loneliness & make life happier. In any case. If you have some money why not to spend it on something exclusive you never tried yet? At the same time virtual escorting allows you to save a lot of time. I mean you may not to be a millionaire to order it & it’s much cheaper than luxury travelling. So it’s a chance to some men to get an interesting experience & vivid emotions.

Now you know what is virtual escorting. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!