What Is Tour Escorting

Hi! My name is Mira. Welcome to my own blog. Today I’ll tell you what is escorting tour.

Escort tours should not be confused with something indecent, since this is completely untrue. First of all, it is joint rest and leisure, when a serious, well-to-do gentleman can afford to take a trained and educated lady as a contractor who has every chance to greatly embellish any voyage. Is escorting tour excludes any intimacy? Definitely not. You may get some erotic services if you’ll pay more. Why not?

  1. Why wealthy people order an escorting tours? Escorting tour helps to diversify the travelling. If you love traveling, because you are not burdened with family & have enough money so you don’t deny yourself anything, but at the same time, the monotony of your life and emotions while traveling is already beginning to tire then you need to try an escorting tour. In order to make your life happier, there are escort tours that help single men significantly brighten up their travels and let pretty girls see the world. That is, an escort tour is a joint rest of a gentleman and a lady during a trip.
  2. Is an escorting tour only a kind of entertainment? However, an escort tour can be not only a holiday abroad, but also a business trip, when the absence of a couple can be considered a mauvais ton on negotiations. At the end of the day, stylish and well-groomed women always make up the image of any businessman. But men not always have women. And then escort tours come to the rescue. We make the world go round baby!
  3. What opportunities escorting tour gives to the girls? For free and pretty girls, as I already mentioned, this is an opportunity for additional or basic earnings and the opportunity to see different cities and countries, get a lot of impressions, meet many interesting people. In essence, a woman’s job is to provide image and psychological support for a respectable gentleman, the ability to emphasize his status and position.

It is worth emphasizing that getting a job like this is not easy, because the casting is strictly & hard. It is not enough just to be pretty, you also should know basic English (or better a couple of foreign languages), a broad outlook, education, literacy, good manners and ethical behavior. Also necessary knowledge of the foundations of psychology. So such work has increased requirements, but the profit is very significant.

Now you know what is escorting tour. Good luck in everything & let your life be beautiful. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!