What Is Male Escort Definition

Hi! My name is Mira. Welcome to my blog again! Today I’ll tell you what is male escort definition.

What is the definition of a male escort? I’ll give you my subjective definition. Imagine a wonderful weekend evening. Better have a partner who is ready to support all your plans. Sometimes there is no one to spend a couple of hours or a night, and the male escort helps easily cope with this task. What about sex? Sex is always in the great demand & that’s a fact. As long as women don’t run out of money male escort will be in a great demand. But it’s not just hiring a sexy lover. It would be the most premature definition ever given. What is the definition of male escort? Men who provide escort services live a luxury life. What is their definition? They welcome guests & decorate events by their beautiful appearance. No separate definition clause seems to be required.

A man who works in male escort should be with his client at various events, both public & private. What is definition of a male for a successful & non-poor lady? Why hire him? Everything is trite & simple:

  1. Her husband also doesn’t have enough time due to his own employment.
  2. Her husband doesn’t like such events.
  3. She hasn’t husband or boyfriend.

Sometimes even lovers can’t find a common language & decide how to spend their free time together. Very often married people annoy each other, have a lot of misunderstandings. What should a woman do? Hire an escort male who’ll come to the rescue! He’ll not just be next to the client & smile nicely to everyone, but will be able to keep up any conversation. Escort male is not just an attractive doll, but an intelligent & interesting person, who’ll increase his client’s social status. That’s my definition of him.

Escort male must be attractive. This is the first immutable rule of the perfect male escort. Today, few people are interested in dolls of model appearance & elegant bodies, who can only smile charmingly. Wealthy women don’t need dummies. What is the definition of a nice gentleman? The more interesting the appearance of the gentleman, the better. What should every gentleman from male escort do? He has to regularly visits beauty salons, fitness clubs & swimming pool to stay fresh. What are his responsibilities? Nothing extraordinary. Clear definition of his functions: be wit, has a good sense of humor & be able to spread positive emotions around. That’s my definition, anyway. He must knows what works & what doesn’t.

Now you know what is male escort definition. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!