What Is Escorting Work

Hi! My name is Mira. Escort is my work & today I’ll tell you what is escorting work.

In most cases escorting work is a female profession but nowadays men also do that kind of work. The key task of an escorting work is doing an accompaniment to a client in restaurants, hotels, airports, as well as at large exhibitions and business conferences. If a person would like to get an escorting work he should look attractive, be courteous, and in most cases speak one or more foreign languages. The escorting work is an accompaniment a client to a public events, where it is not customary to appear alone, such as in the theater.

What is the essence of this work? I have a couple of answers:

  1. What is escorting work in restaurant? A nice lady in an elegant dress will meet you in a restaurant & will be the main decoration of the evening. If you are plan to visit Paris it could be me. I’m very sweet & positive girl.
  2. What is escorting work on exhibitions and conferences? A barely dressed charm lady attracts guests to advertising stands and exhibited goods. So it helps to promote whatever you want. You obviously know what’s what.
  3. What are advantages of an escorting work in elite rest? If you hire a true professional like Mira you’ll get an unique service. Just let yourself to get a nice rest because you deserve it. What can I offer? I always do my escorting work on the highest level & know how to make my clients happy.

Usually there are agencies providing such services. A customer ordering a model for a certain fee & chose a girl on his taste. She accompanies the customer paid time. Not rarely, escort are ordered by businessmen who came from another region to negotiate. Agencies recruit girls through an ad. But some ladies prefer independent work. And if you need one I’m ready to date. Always what you think is best. Sometimes what we expect and what actually happens can be completely surprising. And I know how to exceed the expectations.

Back in the days noble people didn’t go out alone, they always surrounded themselves with retinue. What happens nowadays? Nowadays escorts of a beautiful woman (one or several) are used during business meetings to reduce the nature of formality and make the meeting more relaxed. That’s not a secret that some customers looking for erotic services as well & I don’t see anything wrong in such cases. In addition, some businesswomen hire escort gentlemen too. What are their reasons? Nothing extraditionary – the same reasons: people don’t like to feel alone. Even if they’re wealthy & successful.

Now you know what is escorting work. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!