What Is Escorting Meaning

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort business baby. Today I’ll tell you what is escorting business.

What is escorting business? It’s rendering erotic services to the client for the charge. As a rule, the delivery of the “goods” to the house is carried out by the managers of the escort agency. Payment could be hourly or for the whole night. Unlike prostitution, it’s safer but costs expensive because the quality is higher.

  1. A little history. Escort business have been in the past, are at present and will be in the future. As soon as men invented wealth and money, the young sexual goddesses figured out how to earn good money on their beauty. It is easy to follow the historical examples – sooner or later a beautiful companion appeared in the life of every great person (in fact, it’s a form of an escorting business). The lady didn’t influence anything, didn’t solve anything, she had a function to be a guiding star, muse and inspiration. Military victories and scientific discoveries were at her feet; poets, painters and musicians dedicated their best works to her. The most charming girls inspired men for their greatest creations. As the result these beautiful girls always got awesome gifts. Young and mature, chaste and sophisticated, cold and temperamental – all of them were the progenitors of today’s models that provide escorting business.
  2. Is it intimacy? Escorting business is not just sex services, as many people think. This is pretty serious business. The escorting business lady should be pleasant in appearance, smart, educated & able to support any conversation. Such ladies are often invited to accompany on business meetings or dinners.
  3. Benefits of escorting business. In most cases it’s something like a walk with a little flirting, interesting communication and compliments, which ends at the agreed time. It is not rare that ordinary communication becomes the beginning of a friendship. It may becomes the beginning of a strong relationship.

A lot of girls dream of escorting business, because it’s very interesting and profitable work, they can make pleasant and useful contacts, influential connections. The main thing is to set a goal and have a desire to get succeed. A successful life and a big salary has become a common reality!

I have a great experience in escorting business & I perfectly understand my client’s desires, I can even anticipate their wishes. Hire me if you need to get the highest services.

Now you know what is escorting business. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!