What Is Escorted

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I’ll tell you what is escorted. So what is escorted? It’s services provided by a professional elite model which capable of replacing a wife, a mistress or a girlfriend. Ideally, smart, well-groomed girl with excellent manners. And very highly paid. What was in the beginning of this idea? The whole idea went back to medieval Europe. When countries were ruled by favorites of Kings.

Adultery is an ancient kind of activity. At different times and in different nations it had different names (it’s called geisha in Japan. Interesting, right?). So in my opinion only deeply complex & chauvinist people don’t see any differences between a dumb whore & elite lady with a good manners. So I’m not try to be rude but if you are not clever enough to understand some things it doesn’t mean you should spread hate. You know what I mean? This profession was born to increase a social status of a wealthy man. It’s a nice business with erotic elements, so please respect it.

Escorted is a multi-million dollar business with tens of thousands (if not millions) of girls, websites, intermediaries (pimps and model agencies), erotic massage salons, removable apartments, saunas for vip personas.

Here are some variants of what is escorted could be. But this is not a complete list of course:

  1. What is escorted for a business meeting? It’s a way to increase the status between colleagues & opportunity to get a nice deal.
  2. Escorted may be a nice part of elite rest. What a wonderful memories you may get this way!
  3. What if you are lonely or very busy to date with anybody? Hire professional escort lady & you’ll get all you need. So easy.

I don’t understand people who condemn what is escorted. I can condemn the murderers of rapists, etc., but being escorted no one does anything bad to anyone so what is the problem? And I’m sure people who condemn escorted are just losers. I mean happy & successful people never spread the hate. It’s silly.

What is escorted? Girl of model appearance, having certain knowledge and skills to accompany the client. The provision of intimate services is not mandatory, it is stipulated at the conclusion of the contract or can happen if both people really like each other.

Now you know what is escorted. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!