What Is Escorted Tour

Hi! My name is Mira.

I’m a professional escort tour baby. Today I’ll tell you what is escorted tour. What are main requirements in escorted tour?

There are high demands on candidates who want to get a job in escort tour:

  1. What age? Over 18 years. In the field of leisure & entertainment are only girls who have reached the age of majority.
  2. What else you need? Attractiveness. It is important for a businessman to have a beautiful woman next to him – it is a sign of his respectability & solvency. A girl should be able to represent herself right, have her own zest, have charm.
  3. Self-confidence. What does it mean? This is an important quality that is simply necessary for working in an escort tour. Confident lady attracts attention, enchants & remains in the memory of men.
  4. Style. What does it mean? Dress well, make a professional makeup & hair – all these skills are important to get a job in the escort tour. Depending on what event you will accompany the client, choose the right clothes, cosmetics & accessories. It requires an innate sense of style, as well as the desire to obtain new knowledge.
  5. The ability to conduct small talk. What does it mean? An escort tour lady should be able to support any conversation, making relevant comments, and if necessary – directing the conversation in the right direction, so the presence of education, reading, innate tact & understanding of male psychology are welcomed.

Don’t doubt your own abilities! In what direction are you moving? The more you’ll work, the more experience you’ll gain & the higher your fees will be. What skills do you need? Communication skills, understanding of men & the ability to look your best in any situation – all this comes with time. Initially, you only need your desire to work in an escort tour & engage in self-development.

How to get a job in an escort tour? Working in an escort tour belongs to the sphere of leisure, so almost any girl who has reached the age of 18 can apply for it. If you pass the selection, then get the first order, and hence the first salary, you can already on the same day. Work in the field of leisure is a pleasant & interesting pastime, as well as a good salary with the prospect of constant growth. What should I add in the end? If you want to become independent & make good money, try your hand at escort tour like I did.

Now you know what is escorted tour. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!