What Is Escort Today

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. What a lovely day! Ok, today I’ll tell you what is escort to get hold of exactly what is happening especially if you not understand what from which lol.

So what is escort today? It’s an accompanying the client at business meetings, leisure & other events to improve his image. What about price? It’s specific fee & every model has her own prices. What is an average cost? Incall 1h is 350 eur. I mean if it’s true professional like me. Escort is very popular today because rich & successful men like to be in accompaniment with beautiful ladies. And it’s in a great demand today. Every successful man (what nice people they are!) wants to have next to him not only beautiful, but at the same time an educated girl. That’s why they are often order escort today in what place soever.

What on earth’s going on & what is escort today? An escort today is a synonymous to elite prostitution, but in any case the quality is much better because you chose not a dumb hoe but an intelligent lady with a good manners. I describe it as a business with erotic elements. As a rule, the delivery of the “goods” to the house is carried out by the “intermediaries” of the escort agency. Payment could be hourly, or “per night.” Unlike prostitution, such services have a more decent look, safer & much more expensive but it worth it. So if you are here today… Better choose me. Let’s think about it or better just hire me today & let’s have some fun together.

So if you have a question “Where to find an escort girl today?” you already know. If you need a truly decent, smart & brilliant girl, then you should hire Mira. I can help to make your life brighter like nobody else. You may hire me for elite leisure, business meetings or travellings. And today I have some other ideas:

  1. Shooting in music videos & various commercials.
  2. TV shows shooting.
  3. Fashion shows.
  4. Brand new clothes & jewelry shows.
  5. Escort for presentations & exhibitions. It’s very popular today as well.
  6. Escort of foreign delegations.
  7. Elite rest.
  8. Accompaniment at parties.

With Mira escort services you’ll always look solid & representatively. In the end of the day, I’m not only have brilliant appearance, but also a special knowledge of an etiquette & secular manners. I always look perfect, have a nice mood & can support any conversation. I’ll be glad to meet you & you’ll see & feel what is escort today & I’m sure you’ll not be dissapointed!

Now you know what is escort today. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!