What Is An Escorted Tour

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort tour baby. Today I’ll tell you what is an escorted tour.

You are beautiful & young. Are you happy? What makes you happy? Do you have a lot of rest & do what you love? Buy clothes worthy of your beauty? What kind of apartment do you have? What about beautiful car? Do you have one? Have you taken a rest in every six months with the most beautiful girls & the most successful men? What kind of life are you living? Struggling to survive & believing in miracles & luck? Ok, but what if the time of your fairy tale gone forever? I mean if you don’t change anything now, the chance can be lost forever.

Give yourself an amazing chance to live the way you want! It doesn’t require incredible effort from you. What makes the world go round? Escorted tours of course! Escorted tour to a foreign country is almost the only opportunity to change everything. You’ll get fantastic opportunities & impressions: luxury boutiques & awesome clothes, lunches & dinners in the best restaurants, unusual entertainment, incredible dating & unlimited perspectives! What do you need to make it happen? Just take one step to your dream & be happy.

A fairy tale comes true thanks to escort tours. Now, when you are still weighing all the pros & cons, successful girls from escort tours can no longer imagine how could they fear. None of them agree to return to the former existence. And this is not necessary – work for girls in escort tours is available more than ever before.

What will you get being a model in escort tour agency?

  1. New countries, impressions, meetings, opportunities. Escorted tours to Belgium, France, Israel, Italy, Turkey, USA & other nice countries.
  2. New standard of living. Five-star hotels, yachts, clubs, gifts, expensive restaurants & admiration of your beauty.
  3. New income level. Just relax & enjoy life to the fullest. And you’ll be paid good.
  4. Permanent support of your agency during the entire escorted tour. All the time you’ll be in touch with your personal manager, able to solve all your questions.

What is required of you to get a job in escort tours? Almost nothing but your desire to get joy & be a positive interesting person. Requirements of this work are minimal: successful photo session; basic English (or some other foreign languages) + in about $200 dollars for pocket expenses (I don’t think it’s necessarily in every agency).

Now you know what is an escorted tour. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!