What Is An Escort Worker

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort worker & today I’ll tell you what is an escort worker. Ok, who is an escort worker & what are his responsibilities? Most of escort workers are girls. What motivates them to be a part of it? The answer is simple – money.

So if you think that escort workers found this job because of the difficult financial situation, you are too naive. At the same time some of the escort workers really love their job & their customers. I’m talking about real passionate escort workers like Mira. What if you really love attention? Or what would you do if you love to make people happier by giving them a flirt, erotic unforgettable moments or maybe an intimacy? What kind of business to choose? I prefer do what I like to do. That’s why I became an escort worker one day. My responsibility is giving positive emotions, be an interesting interlocutor & treat every gentleman as a king.

What are benefits for clients? Check it below:

  1. Escort worker do an accompaniment to a gentleman at business meetings, social events or conferences in order to make a positive impression on all guests of the event;
  2. Joint activities: going to the cinema, theater, restaurant;
  3. Participate in small talk or business negotiations to divert or attract the attention of competitors or partners of the client.

Escort workers give their customers the most valuable resources – body and health. But wait! Don’t you do the same at office work? The only difference is the no intimacy at office work, so… it isn’t a sex service, but it could be a part of it. I mean it’s not necessary option but can bring good money for workers. That’s why many escort workers including intimacy in their services, but not all of them. Sometimes sex happens only because people really attract each other. Yup, so easy.

Every escort model instructed before the dating: what is best to wear and what makeup to do or should do some research by herself (if she working independent in a Mira way). Model should knows what she can talk about & what not. Model need to be sociable or just not to argue with a customer. She should always adapt to the taste of the client & be a nice actress. If he wants a naughty girl – act this way & if he wants a notorious shy – give him this kind of a character.


Now you know what is an escort worker. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!