What Is An Escort Job

Hi! My name is Mira. Escort is my job & today I’ll tell you what it is.

Some girls ask me: “What should I say to my mother about my escort job?” It’s your life & you don’t owe nothing to anyone. It’s your choice. So what are you waiting for? Make your dreams come true! If you made a decision to get an escort job you need to find a an agency. What about independence job? It’s better to get some experience first.

What skills do you need to get an escort job?

  1. Be neat & beautiful. What does it mean? Professional makeup, a bit of perfume, fashionable clothes, don’t dress vulgar. What is the main rule? Be a lady & dress elegantly.
  2. Good manners. What does it mean? If you asked this question, then escort job might be not for you lol. Be polite, listen to the man who hired you with empathy & treat him like a king. So easy, right?
  3. Be an interesting in communication. You should be able to talk on various topics or keep silent (when it’s needed). What about sex? It’s optional. But don’t cheat. Let him know how it is. Ok? Men appreciate honesty. So… just theoretical… A customer could agree to hire you even without any intimacy if you’ll be sincere. What if you love sex? Go get it girl! Escort is cool job.

What do I know ’bout agencies? Pretty enough. Each one has its own bases: a base of beauties & a base of clients. And managers advise customers which escort lady to meet: they are constantly trying to find new escort models. It’s their job. What is the principle of an escort job in agency?

There is such a thing as a “theme.” “I’m going to the topic” – it means that I’m going to the meeting with a gentleman, to some kind of party or to the country. The manager of escort job writes to you, asks if you are ready to get this job. Most often, he writes 2 or 3 at once. He shows the photos of beauties to the gentleman, say the client chooses me & then he once again contacts me & tells where & when I should be.

Before meeting with the gentleman, they will instruct you ’bout new escort job, they will let you know who will be at the party, how to behave, what you can say & what not. Escort models are trained by managers, because they know all their customers far & wide. If the client doesn’t like something, he’ll not tell the girls, he’ll call for a replacement.

Now you know what is an escort job. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!