What Is An Escort Duty

Hi! My name is Mira. Welcome to my blog! My thought of the day is: there is no scientific way of determining objectively what is & what is not acceptable to society. Ok, today I’ll tell you what is an escort duty.

What is an escort duty? A lady entertains the client with dancing, conversation, including on intimate topics, a little flirt in an addition. What is the main key of an escort duty? It’s conversation & also an ability to not talk too much (if it’s unnecessary). So what is escort duty? It’s like to be a flower & please others with the beauty. The essence is accompanied by a nice girl at business meetings, corporate parties or official events to maintain the image & overall etiquette. She’ll be ready when the duty calls.

Ok, so what are escort duties? I noted a few points about duties:

  1. What is an escort duty on negotiations & meetings? Business negotiations & meetings are an indispensable part of any successful business & a beautiful companion will add you solidity. A successful a businessman should be accompanied by a pretty companion. This unwritten rule is valid for more than one century, and the status of a person who ignores this rule may be at risk.
  2. What are others escort duties? Most of escort ladies are focused on any kind of escort services – from vip-talks to intimate adventures.
  3. What is an escort duty on elite rest? Girl gives you an attention, helps to relax & cheer up, pleases with elegance & sweet smile. She can discuss with you whatever you want or just be silent if you want to. No hysterics & inappropriate behavior, no whims & reproaches. Beauty will treat you like a king. And you deserve it. You can invite the girl to a restaurant or have a nice travel together. What a nice possibility!

Contrary to popular belief, an escort lady is not a prostitute. In most cases prostitutes are dumb women without high degree & any good manners. Escort model’s professional duties, however, don’t include the sex service to her clients – in most cases it’s part of her personal life.

I would like to add some to the topic “What is an escort duty”: it’s special unique services provided by professional women to their clients. Someone is looking for an individual meeting or attracted by the ability to get some erotic elements but the main goal is have a good time without bothering candy-bunny wires, enjoy the attractive body of a model & get positive emotions of the dating.

Now you know what is an escort duty. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!