What Is An Escort Business

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort business baby. Today I’ll tell you what is an escort business.

People nowadays use the “escort” word on everything. It’s just some nice word & it sounds better than “prostitution”. Those beauties who publish their photos & offers of services on specialized websites, also consider they do escort business. So what is an escort business? It doesn’t necessarily imply an intimate relationship. Sometimes wealthy people want to see beautiful girls around themselves. Say, one businessman picks up 10 ladies so they sit at the next table during his negotiations with business partners. They also invite models for men’s corporate events: for the atmosphere.

At events, models are often approached with intimate suggestions. How to react to them depends only on the internal position of the escort business girl, there are no clear instructions. Escort business is a service of an accompaniment: sell your time to get some material assets. And you agree in advance on what you’ll do at this time. Escort business without sex – a myth (I mean it doesn’t happen too often). It’s a fairy tale that girls tell their mothers. You can go to a nice event with a beautiful businessman without any intimacy, only if you are a TV star or well-known songstress. But sometimes it really happens, say, the client is drunk & just would like to talk – then it will be without sex.

What are three major segments of escort business? Check it below:

  1. Dating sites, many of which haven’t been dating sites. They work there according to types: a photo of some beautiful blonde is put in the questionnaire. Under this form sits a beauty, sometimes not even one, but, say, four. And then ladies meet with a businessman. 90% of men know it’s not just dating & no longer hesitate to offer money.
  2. Leisure websites. Some of them might be blocked but people know how to get an access to them.
  3. Work with agency or being independent. I prefer stay independent & always have a lot of nice clients. So… you have a chance to become one of them.

What escort business can give you? Increase your status (if you are client). What happiness was ours that day, what joy, what rest, what hope, what gratitude, what bliss thankful escort business! Now you know what is an escort business. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!