What Escort Means

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby.

Today I’ll tell you what escort means. For me personally, escort means an interesting job. What a nice opportunity to meet intelligent people! What escort means for others? Hard to say what escort means to them, everybody has his own vision. What if I told you it depends of a character? Yes, and I think the main reason is a desire not to feel lonely, so escort means a lot.

Ok. There are some points what escort means:

  1. It’s a great opportunity to increase a social status & let people know that you are the real alpha male!
  2. A well-educated cutie is able to help you to forget all your problems, relax, have some time fun & not to feel bored.
  3. It means the way to stop being shy & try something new & exciting! It means you’ll not get a refusal from the lady because it’s her work to make you feel happier.

Some people have relationship problems with the opposite sex because of the complexes or
endless overworks. What can helps in such cases? Escort of course! It means people like Mira should be very valuable in any society. What benefits can a client get thanks to the ladies like Mira? A beautiful & clever girl with a good manners. You’ll not be disappointed because if you decided to be my client it means a lot & I’ll do what I can to give you the best escort services ever.

What is the main advantages of an escort? It’s a nice conversation or walks in the open air. What about flirt, erotic elements or sex? It’s possible as well & I don’t see anything bad in such cases. We all grown people, so… why not? It’s another way to get some pleasure & share it with a nice partner. It’s cool if a lady is so interesting to men that they are willing to take all the costs on themselves. It’s crazy but some so-called husbands never care about their wives or even kids!

A successful escort girl gets a chance to travel a lot & see many beautiful places. What about intimacy? Hey… Why are you so scared of this word? Is it really means anything bad? No one died of sex lol. Seriously, it’s better to chill with a intelligent gentleman on a luxury resort than going out with a local broke alcoholic. Everyone has his own level. So… better chose brighter future, right? So if you would ask “What escort means” I’ll answer: it means a better life. If some people perceive it as a shame it’s their problems. I’m proud to be an escort model!

Now you know what escort means. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!