What Does Escort Mean & What Its Definition

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I’ll tell you what does escort mean & what its definition. I mean I’ll give you my own definition.

What does escort mean & what its definition? The definition & meaning of this word is varied. In the popular dictionaries it is interpreted from different sides: sea escort, air escort, honorable, ritual. But in the general sense, the definition & meaning of an escort is an accompanying of somebody. And already from this general term, you need to further learn what its definition & meaning.

  1. Nowadays it’s safe to say that the definition & meaning of “escort” word is accompanying a client by a lady or a gentleman. Escort services are extremely popular in today’s society. And only recently, in some countries, people began to accept this job as normal. Wealthy people use it & it’s not humiliating or illegal.
  2. Escort creates a prestigious image for the customer. If a man is accompanied by an elegant beauty at a VIP party, of course, all the views of the other beauties will be riveted to him. The girl appeared at a party with a male escort – men will become more interested in her.
  3. What do escort agencies & what their definition & meaning? They provide a choice of ladies or gentlemen for such services. But ladies & gentlemen are recruited not only by beautiful face.

The definition of success: girls & guys who work in escort should be sociable & well-read. They should do an improvisation & do something special, do the best they can do to satisfy the client: do housework & do the dishes (if needed), do shopping, be able to support any topic of a conversation. They can be called modern geishas. It’s a modern definition & meaning of a geisha. I mean it’s my own definition.

If a girl or a guy has the potential, agencies hire them & start trainings. What does it mean? They start to taught their new employees & prepare specialists in their field. Newbies should learn some rules: rule of conduct, etiquette, what is allowed & what is not, and even understand how to drink but not get drunk. And the more diligent the newbie is, the higher his rating of orders in the agency will be. And the amount of his salary depends on it. In the end of the day, if a person doesn’t do self-development, then he isn’t worth much money.

Now you know what does escort mean & what its definition. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!