What Does Escort Mean in Dictionary

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I’ll tell you what does escort mean in dictionary.

Today it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t know what is an escort. You should consult the dictionary to be sure. Many men simply don’t want to spend precious time looking for a perfect lady. I mean escort allows them to cut so-called candy bouquet period & get what they need. I mean escort can save a lot of time. But where did the concept of an escort come from and what does it really mean? Let’s look the word up in the dictionary.

The meaning of an escort in dictionary

  1. Dictionary search: from French, the escorte is translated as a group of airplanes or ships or a specific military unit. I mean the main function of which is to accompany, cover or guard a certain object. The Navy guards ships on the high seas, air escorts command planes in the sky, honorable ships to accompany special guests or festive ceremonies, etc. Look it up in the dictionary & you’ll see it’s true. I wish you have a good French dictionary.
  2. Nowadays wealthy people are often hire escort models. The meaning of the word in this case is not distorted. I mean these services allow find a suitable satellite for a cinema, night club or just relax. According to the dictionary, the word has two uses.
  3. Client may choose the escort girl he likes just by visiting a certain website (it’s like a dictionary lol). The main thing is to pay generously. Escort girls also have a lot of advantages: they don’t need to give up their studies or permanent jobs, they can even have relationships or a family, and earn good money at the same time. I mean many of them no longer want to sit in a boring office, get up early for work & stuck in the morning in traffic jams.

Who are the clients? They are often foreign businessmen or wealthy people. I mean they’re delighted with the beauty of charming well-educated ladies & like to travel with them to a luxury hotels & other awesome places. In my own dictionary escort is a private datings. I mean some clients invite escort girls to go with them to a restaurant, cinema, opera, sauna or night clubs. Nowadays, almost every successful gentleman just want to take a break from the gray days of everyday life & be in pleasant company of a nice lady. It’s better than check out the meaning in dictionary, right?
Now you know how what does escort mean in dictionary. So… maybe it’s better to spend a nice evening wonderfully? I mean forget about dictionary, dictionary is so boring sometimes lol. Check out my own website http://mira-escort-paris.com/. I’ll make your dreams come true!