What Are Escorted Tours

Hi! My name is Mira. Welcome to my blog again! Today I’ll tell you what are escorted tours. Escort tours is a highly paid job for girls in the field of escort abroad. If expressed more accurately, it’s providing an accompaniment services with erotic elements & getting a fee. Is it prostitution? Call it what you want but in any case it’s a higher quality.

Escorted tours became popular at the beginning of the XXI century. What is included in them? Escorted tours are short trips abroad to work in various luxury places. What is the average duration of the travellings? It may takes from 2-3 days to a week or even a month. What influences the duration of the escorted tours? It depends of a client’s preferences & his budget.

What are the pioneers of escorted tours? They are France, Greece & Italy (if I’m not mistaken). These tours are very popular nowadays. What are the reasons? Check it below:

  1. Convenient short trips abroad (14-30 days). New awesome places. It’s so cool!
  2. High income 250-500 eur per hour. If you have good manners & beautiful body than it’s really possible!
  3. Easy to get a visa, affordable cost of the flight.

Yes, it’s not a typo or a fiction. I mentioned the real prices of escorted tours models. Ok, but let’s see the other side of the medal. What can happened during escorted tours? Anything. What?! Yes, and I tell you how it is. In reality it depends on many factors. Would you like to know what is my metaphor for that? It’s like a house of cards. Every small detail plays an important role; the absence or incorrect operation of one of the elements leads to the failure of the whole process.

Who is responsible of escorted tours? First of all the girl herself. To be more precisely: escorted tour directly depends on who she will work with. This choice initially predetermines the outcome of a trip: the safety, confidentiality, and sometimes even the health of the girl. So if a young beauty looking for a job this way I strongly recommend to strain the brains & turn on logical thinking.

Do some research (in Google too), ask friends. To be honest, it’s only 10% real worth job offers of escorted tours. Just keep in mind that sometimes it’s not easy to find the right one. What is my main advice? Be smart & take care. I hope it helps.

Now you know what are escorted tours. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!