Make Money As An Escort In Second Life

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. It’s a big part of my life. Today I’ll tell you how to make money as an escort in Second Life.

I make a valid point – escort in 2nd Life is similar to reality. It means while some people make money here & make a do of it, others are trying to get some erotic entertainment. The cost of the services of a cutie engaged in escorting business starts from 500 Linden (play money, 500 Linden at the current rate of something around $2 in real money) in 15 minutes and… rushes to infinity. Don’t confuse these beauties with strippers who dance for tips.

How are the cuties make money in digital life

  1. Escort models in digital life never waste their time on empty talk. These beauties value their time, they came here to make money, therefore, those who want to try this type of leisure (for the Lindens) should be aware – the conversation should be only about the escort service. Of course, prepayment is practiced.An escort in 2nd Life is completely legal, and beauties want a lot of things in virtual life, but beautiful high-quality things cost money. Some girls in virtual life work as an escort models – it’s one of the ways to make money.
  2. As a rule, a girl makes money being a virtual escort model & spends it off onto a “normal” avatar, leading a decent, interesting, and even romantic life. She makes money & spends it on the “pumping” of her avatar – the body, head, clothes, shoes, jewelry & so on. Clothes make the person.
  3. Escort ladies can be found in brothels & other class A locations. You should carefully look at the profiles of potential subjects of courtship. As a rule, the escort ladies in the profile have a group of excursion clubs, brothels or sex clubs.

Well, if you accidentally started a private with such a girl, you’ll very quickly realize that you are somewhat mistaken with the address. But no one will curse you in such case. You just transparently be hinted that everything is possible, but for a fee, and get a politely “bye-bye” if you have no money yet. But be sure an escort lady in digital life will be glad to meet you if you’re have a budget to hire her. It’s a work like in real life so…. The moral is be polite & don’t waste someone else’s time please. Make up a conclusion.

Do you have money & dreams? Then better hire me in real life. Make a choice. So… now you know how to make money as an escort in Second Life. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!