How To Start Up An Escort Agency

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m an escort business baby.

I work in this business many years. And today I would like to tell you how to start up an escort agency. Escort service is a good paid work for pretty girls like me, it’s a source of dignity & social status, unlike unpaid work in the home or work done for pleasure.

Have you ever thought about how to start up an escort agency, earning on its service more, no longer working by yourself & just being at the head of working business? Such business is not forever & unfortunately you’ll have to leave it with age. So… when will the moment come you just leave work or create something of your own working business? Today you’ll know how to start up an escort agency & make business works good.

Top tips how to start up an escort agency

  1. It should be legal. Ask a lawyer about legal nuances (including the employment contract etc). I think you should have studied well enough all the nuances of how escort business works before registering an escort agency & opening a checking account. No problems arise because a lawyer helps how to start up an escort agency the right way. It’s his work. So… Official girls in your business working strictly with escort services & sex is excluded, at least in the contracts it will not be indicated & so, even if something will arise, it could be treated as a personal initiative of the party, not a service of your business. Bingo!
  2. Train a few protégés. Even if beauty is gone, you still have a clients base & skills to continue your work. All you need is get some money out of your savings & gather the girls, train them all you know in this business, well, get income from it. When you can’t work by yourself, teach others how to work & let them work for you. Let it works!
  3. Advertising. The main income item of your business should be not only the entrance fees of your protégés, but also orders of an advertising. To do this, you need to think over & prepare an advertising company. It’s a major part of the business. Say, television commercials on popular local adult channels, bright presentations in shopping centers & clubs or glossy magazines. The payback of an escort business entirely depends on the ability to find clients & knowledge how to provide the best service in escort business. That’s how it works.

How to start up an escort agency with working service and make business works on you? The best way to learn is to stay tuned in my blog, which provide a reliable path from promotion to success. Now you know how to start up an escort agency. See you later. Bye!