How To Start An Escort Business In NYC

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I’ll tell you how to start an escort business in NYC & how much does it cost.

NYC is a good place to start an escort. Don’t lose your chance to start an escort in NYC because the cost of doing nothing could easily exceed the cost of implementation.

4 steps to start an escort business in NYC

  1. Registration takes place in the local Clerk Office. To do this, you must fill out the form Business Certificate. Usually at each clerk office there is a notary who issues this form & certifies it. In Brooklyn, a notarized certificate costs $10.
  2. Next, in Clerk Office you need to pay a fee (it coasts $100-120), the employee enters the data into a special database & issues a copy of the document. All. Your escort business is registered in NYC.
  3. Next, you must register with the Federal Tax Service to get an Employment Identification Number. It’s the tax #. The form can be completed online.
  4. Having on hand a document of business registration and an EIN number, go to the bank & register a biz account here. As a rule, the bank will ask you the address of the company, mobile phone, presence of the owner of the company, decision on starting an account, EIN number. The bank is asked to put on the account some money. It costs $ 50-100 at the start.

What do you need to start an escort in NYC? To start an escort company in NYC you need good budget. It costs in about $ 400-1000. Pay the cost to be the boss. No special visas are needed for starting a business in NYC – everything can be arranged with a tourist visa.

If you are really would like to start business in NYC it’ll costs in about $500 000 total or maybe more. The cost depends of arenda, equipment & many other aspects. Before you make a decision to start an escort business in NYC I advise you to count the cost. Choose the cost of your work. Maybe it would fixed cost (new clients – base cost).

Escort business in NYC is related to the services, it means you must register with the New York State Revenue Service & receive a certificate for the right to collect sales tax. One silly mistake cost you the success. That’s why I advise you to hire a professional lawyer. He’ll help you so start an escort business in NYC legally. Often there are legal questions in setting up escort business, so.. it makes sense to discuss it with a lawyer – starting from the place of business organization, which is often not obvious, and continuing with different subtleties in matters of licensing of an escort business in NYC.

Now you know how to start an escort business in NYC & how much does it cost. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!