How To Run An Escort Service Book

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby & I know how to run an escort service book.

The idea to run an escort service book belongs to the category of illegal, but its existence and development depends on how to present these services to consumers. In addition, a lot of companies run an escort service book to provide their customers what they want.

It’s about to run a brothel under the guise of escort service book. Many people may say it’s kinda weird because this already exists. But these people just don’t think about the profits the organizers of such institutions receive when they run an escort service book. And the army of potential customers is so huge that newly opened firms with such activities will be provided with orders in any case. That’s why to run an escort service book make sense.

The main key in this business is run an escort service book in right way. Let’s go!

Top tips how to run an escort service book

  1. Open an agency. Conclude labor contracts with employees, give them job descriptions, prescribe what is allowed in the relationship with the client and what not. It helps to protect yourself from many possible problems. Contracts and job descriptions must be drafted by an experienced lawyer.
  2. Good design. Hire a professional designer to make elegant design. It’s very important to create a relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Hire clever women. Girls don’t need to have model parameters. The main keys are good manners & knowledge of foreign languages. Girls should be beautiful and sexy, but shouldn’t have high growth and too big breasts. The appearance of every girl should be somewhat modest – remember no one want to get an ordinary stupid whore.

The idea to run an escort service book is good, but keep in mind it’s very specific business. If you would like to run an escort service book you need decent money because it’s for wealthy people who don’t like publicity, especially in this regard. You need to hire beautiful educated women, they must be interesting to businessmen for a dinner and clever conversation.

You also should know how to keep the model in your agency from going to a secured client for a dependent. If you plan to run an escort service book you also should to provide a customer confidence because your clients are serious people.

Now you know how to run an escort service book. Stay tuned. See you later. Bye!