How To Run A Successful Escort Service

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I would like to give you a business idea: how to run a successful escort service.

Escort service agencies are very popular these days. This is not surprising, given the incredible employment of consumers of escort service, which are successful businessmen who don’t have time to organize their personal lives. All these strong-minded, successful and rich people can become your clients. I’ll tell you how to run a successful escort service.

    1. At first time it will be enough to have a website where each of the clients can get acquainted with the price list and girls. Keep in mind that your clients are wealthy people, have a personal car or the opportunity to rent it if they come from another city. The most important thing in successful escort service is the office environment, not the location.
    2. To run a successful escort service you need to hire a designer who can turn an ordinary office into a room where it’s not a shame to invite even a crowned person. Your product is beauty, intelligence, elegant manners. It should be reflected in the interior. Nothing fanciful, too bright or vulgar.
    3. Follow the same requirements. Building successful escort service is impossible without comfortable sofas & chairs for the reception of clients. Purchase a coffee machine for guests, coffee table with fresh press & notebook for showing photos and resumes of escort girls. Don’t forget about the musical accompaniment – Soft Classical, New Age or any other unobtrusive music.

    If you plan to run successful escort service the first 3 or 4 months will be taken to the organizational work: recruitment and casting, the conclusion of new contracts and the maintenance of established partnerships (photo studios, restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, elite clubs), office renting and arrangement, advertising campaigns.

    The main value of successful escort service is the level of professionalism of employees. The how of it: the key attention should be paid to the selection of personnel, not only the girls, but also those professionals who’ll train them: stylists, make-up artists, tutors. To run a successful escort service you need pretty but clever girls with a good communication skills and high stress resistance. A special component of successful service is tactfulness and the ability to keep other people’s secrets.

    Now you know how to run a successful escort service. See you later. Stay tuned! Bye!