How To Order An Escort Without Getting Arrested

Hi! My name is Mira. Here you read my blog, and maybe already impatient: how can I order a lady without getting arrested? Ok, no problems buddy. Today I’ll let you know how to order an escort without getting arrested. Quite briefly, since there is really nothing complicated here – I’ll simply answer the questions I was asked most often.

However, it is quite clear that order an escort for the first time is not so easy psychologically plus some guys have fear of getting arrested. There are a lot of possibilities to order an escort without getting arrested. Even some taxis drivers can advise you some. But I recommend to ask your friends first. What to choose? Order an agency or independent? The words “escort agency” are associated with crowded, and because sex – it is intimate, it would be desirable to avoid an “agency”. I recommend not to be stingy & order the elite girls. In this case, you’ll receive not only high class service but also safety.

You also can find some thematic sites to order a girl without getting arrested. As for websites offering an escort, 99% of them are bullshit. Almost all photos are porn stars downloaded from the web, the list of their services is a kind of fake too. Nevertheless, there are some good places. I strongly recommend my own website I guarantee safety and complete confidentiality. In general, as my experience shows, it’s very easy to order an escort without getting arrested. Just chose me.

Top tips how to order an escort without getting arrested

  1. Where to go without getting arrested? Go to the luxury hotel. It’s a very good way to order an escort without getting arrested. They are care about their clients. Or just order an escort lady to your address.
  2. How to deal with the police without getting arrested? Some people ask me: Mira! What should I do if cops will catch me with an escort lady? Be calm man… Don’t be afraid, all good. Tell them that you came to your friends or met this girl to have a consensual sex without charge & didn’t order anything & they’ll not arrest you. You should look shocked when they tell you she is an escort model. Just be yourself & don’t worry. You don’t do any crime. Especially if you tell that you met her without charge & really didn’t know who she really is. So easy.
  3. Any website recommendation? Ok. Check out and you’ll get the best escort service ever without getting arrested.

Now you know how to order an escort without getting arrested. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!