How To Make Money Being A Male Escort

Hi! My name is Mira. That’s my own blog & today I’ll tell you how to make money being a male escort.

The world of male escort has been studied less than female. It lives according to his own laws. Successful gigolo of the XXI century is not cute boys with cubes on the stomach, but mature adventurers who avoid the word “sex” & make good money on women’s weaknesses.

It is important to distinguish between escorts & prostitution before the start of making money being a male escort. The first kind of activity is possible without intimacy, the second is not. Just keep it in mind. You can make money being a male escort without any intimacy. You can just accompanying ladies in various outlets & make money on it. This may be a gathering in a restaurant with girlfriends, visiting the theater premiere. Intimacy is also would be possible, but it should be a separate agreement. Respect yourself.

Check out my top tips how to be a nice lone wolf & make money being a male escort

  1. Higher education. Businesswomen adore well-educated men with good manners. Better if you know some foreign languages. Most of noblewomen adore beautiful words in different languages. Be intelligent. It’s very important to make money being a male escort.
  2. Charisma. Noblewomen not interested in boring men. We want vivid emotions! I know it is true in the core of my being… If you have a spacious mind it’ll help you to make good money being a male escort. Charm your clients to the very roots of their being. Ladies are order a male escort not because they are interested in sex only, they are more attracted by charisma. To meet these requirements, you need to have a creative mindset. It helps to make money being a male escort.
  3. Be empathetic. We need attention the most… being male escort you must be the best listener. Let her understand that you are listening what she telling you not only for the money but because you are really care & would like to make her happy. Sometimes women don’t need sex but just warm hugs & a strong shoulder of a real gentleman. You can be sincere & at the same time make money being a male escort. So easy.
  4. Act like a king. I mean treat her like a queen. At the some time you should hold on with dignity. It helps to make money being a male escort. But It’s not about the money. If you plan to make a great career in this business you simply should love women.

Now you know how to make money being a male escort. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!