How To Identify Escort Stings

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiHi everyone! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort business woman (identify me this way if you want to). sicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor.

First of all escort is not a crime. I’m identify myself as an independent woman in entertainment business with erotic and romantic elements. Unfortunately cops try to threat me and my co-workers wrong. So… That’s why I would like to give you a couple advises how to identify escort stings. I hope it helps you not to be messed up with problems and identify escort stings fast.

I’ll show you & yours how to identify escort stings. Most cops are bad actors. They can’t play the role of escort baby or mimic like a client right, because I’m sure they don’t have such experience in real life plus they don’t have a theatrical education. Escort stings is a kind of lie & that’s fact. Identify escort stings is easy if you stay aware. I don’t call it psychology. Real eyes can see the lies of stings. That’s it.

How to identify escort stings:

  1. Pay attention to changes in a body language.
    More than 50% of all messages that people transmit to each other during communication are reflect through body language. So your goal is to be able to recognize it, filter it out and identify escort sting.
    How to identify escort sting: the person blinks more often than usual (trying to be more convincing); avoids direct eye contact (it’s like a sense of guilt); holds hands near the mouth during a conversation (subconsciously “forbids” to speak to oneself); speaks quietly and doesn’t blink (tries to forcibly keep calm); quickly turns his head. Learn body language folks!
  2. Listen carefully.
    So-called “undercovers” are often speak with tongue twisters or, on the contrary, involuntarily begin to stutter. A liar often shows signs of nervousness, anxiety or even fear in a situation where there is no apparent reason for this. Think about it! How to identify a willy sting? Ask a simple question spontaneously. Say, “Where have you been today before we meet?” So… if he or she suddenly starts to stammer or speak faster than usual (for no objective reasons), then you probably dealing with a tricky stinger.

First you start detecting the unconscious part of the behavior of others, next you can “reading” people like books and even identify crafty escort stings! Tell your friends how identify escort stings. I’m sure these tips will help you identify escort stings, make your life safer. Be aware & take care. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!