How To Get Work As An Escort

Hi! My name is Mira. Escort is my work. Today I’ll tell you how to get work as an escort.

Just check out advantages of work as an escort. While your friends forced sit in the office five or more days a week (that really gets me!) & work from nine to six, you be work as an escort and shine everyday in a dazzlingly beautiful dresses plus having a company of intelligent & interesting men, thrilled by your beauty. I prefer to live that way!

It’s really possible. In any case, this work is not boring, I bet! Nice bonus: free courses about secular manners & etiquette. Don’t lose your chance to get work as an escort!

How to get work as an escort? To start working as a model in France, you will need the most trivial things: lack of complexes, sociability, good external data and, of course, the desire to work as a model. First of all find a best escort agency with a solid reputation. The best way to find it is to get recommendations from friends. Usually, escort agencies are willing to consider new candidates. What about the intimacy? Such proposals could arise. But you decide whether to agree or not.

If you want to keep incognito & don’t intend to talk about your new job, turn your eyes to Internet resources. Check out reviews..

Model agencies with a great name often provide girls with an extra work in an escort. If you have a model appearance, try to go there.

Check out these 3 keys how to get work as an escort:

  1. Fill in questionnaire
    Fill out the form – it takes a few minutes! Attach your photos & provide contact details. They will reply to you as soon as possible
  2. Complete the interview
    If you are suitable, they can invite you to Paris for a casting. Good escort agency provides comfortable apartments, in some cases even pay for the journey!
  3. Self-realization
    You’ll take part in Fashion-shows, shootings of video clips, TV & movies. Closed parties will not pass without your participation! Girls regularly participate in beauty contests & take prizes there, because the most famous capital stylists, make-up artists & photographers work with them. Maybe you will even get a chance to be on the cover of a glossy magazine!

The lower level is all kinds of massage parlors. Here, an escort work without options implies intimate services. No less important: you must really be able to do massage. Do you get it?

It’s easy to get work in escort as a stripper or a dancer. Men offer good money for escort to events & sex.

Now you know how to get work as an escort. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. Bye!