How To Deal With Your Girlfriend Being An Escort

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby.

Today you’ll know how to deal with your girlfriend being an escort. I believe it would help a great deal. A deal’s a deal, so… keep it real!

Top tips how to deal with your girlfriend being an escort

  1. Never inform your girlfriend about it. You haven’t to inform your lady how much money you make being an escort or what kind of business you do. There is a deal of truth in it. Your girlfriend needs money, attention & vivid emotions. Give your girl all these things and keep calm. You are the king!
  2. Be sincerely. Why not to deal honourably? If your girlfriend is not able to accept you being an escort, then it is not your woman. It’s so simple. And yes, being an escort you don’t have to have a sex with your clients. Don’t leave this work only if your girlfriend doesn’t like you being an escort. It sucks. I mean maybe she’ll left you in a couple of years but it’s stupid to lost a well-paid job. Being an escort you’ll earn good money & have a free sex with nice women. So… why to deal with a girlfriend? lol You should refuse to deal with problems & live your life to the fullest!
  3. Don’t criticize her. It doesn’t matter to tell your girl the truth or tell nothing. Praise your lady for every little success and show support. You are not perfect too, so… It is important to never forget that your girlfriend is a person who may or may not want to things you want… The mistake of most of the guys is that they perceive women as the mechanisms to which they’ll someday turn out pick up the right “keys”…

In any case the masculine principle is self-sufficient. You can feel yourself great being an escort or being all your life in complete isolation, meditation, etc. Your life may be filled and “successful” in your own terms, even without any girlfriend.

However, a man being an escort (taking on the role of creator, initiator and presenter) can deal with his girlfriend to increase her enjoyment. Thus, a relationship being an escort with a girlfriend is his “creation”. And the relationship being an escort between a man and his girlfriend will have a taste, depending on the mood of a girl in these relations…
Since the male principle is self-sufficient, he would being an escort or maybe deal with his girlfriend. And for him it makes sense to deal with a girlfriend only when he wants to get an experience that he can’t get by being an escort.

Now you know how to deal with your girlfriend being an escort. It’s your turn to deal. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!