How To Deal With Being An Escort

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. I’ve had a good deal of experience. Today I would like to tell you how to deal with being an escort.

Ok lady. If you read it I hope it helps. I’ll give you some vital knowledge about how to deal with being an escort.

Be true to you

Being an escort ain’t easy deal. Keep in mind that being an escort model is not suitable deal for most people, because many women want deal with love & romantic relationship, get married. So… some women think it’s not a great deal, to be sure. Don’t mix your personal desires and work responsibilities. Being an escort establish the boundaries of the relationship with the customer.

Discuss the possibility of kissing or sex. Look into your soul and honestly admit if you can deal with being an escort. Being an escort is more suitable deal for a strong personality who likes independence. In this case, a person has excellent communication skills and understanding another person’s needs.

  1. Know the rules & learn the rules
    Ask the agency to provide you with safety rules, client satisfaction and protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t forget to get all the necessary information about the customer. Check his profile in the client database. Know who you deal with. Find out what you need to do if client start thuggin or threatens to force you do what you don’t want to do. Make sure that security measures are taken. Never discuss the client with other customers or your co-workers. Always mind your own business.
  2. Agency or freelance
    I’m being an escort for years. Nowadays I work independent. Independence gave me some nice pros: I get my full salary, I chose the consumers by myself, I also set the rates & choose my own days off.

But not everybody can being an escort in a Mira way. Being an escort is not as easy as it sounds. Independence from the agency has some risks. There is a deal of truth in it. In fact there is no security. So… if you misunderstand the consumer, you may suffer. You are deal with a stranger. And yes, you will have to looking for new customers by yourself. The choice is yours.

Last but not least: being an escort protect yourself & take care. How to make it happen? Better talk by phone as less as possible. Especially about your personal life. Being an escort always use condoms, visit a doctor once or twice a month to be sure all good with your health.

Now you know how to deal with being an escort. See you later. Stay tuned! Bye!