How To Become Escort Prostitute

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Every girl dreams to become rich. So… I’ll show you how.

Escort prostitute is not a street whore. And I know what I’m talking about. I’ll show you the way how to become rich and today I’ll tell you how to become escort prostitute. Professional escort prostitute earns from 5000 € to 9000 € per month, and it’s not the limit! Nice bonus: luxury cars & best restaurants. C’mon baby, don’t lose a chance to make your life better. I’ll show you how to become escort prostitute.

If you make a decision to become escort prostitute there is no way back. First of all, to become a successful escort prostitute you have to serve 10 clients per day minimum; different places, different locations. I just tell you how it is. Are you ready to go through it to become rich? If so, go ahead girl. Now I’ll give you some tips how to become the best.

Top tips how to become escort prostitute

  1. Pleasant appearance.
    There are not so many requirements, but they are strict. If you would like to become escort prostitute you should have a beautiful face with a charm smile. You shouldn’t be very tall. Better if your height is not less than 171 cm. The cup size is not very important, but your breast shouldn’t be sagging. Best age is 18-35 years old. Hair color should be natural, better if you have long hair. Nails and heels should be very-well maintained.
  2. Representation.
    You must have a certain character if you want to become escort prostitute. Here are some top qualities: communicability, politeness, tolerance, softness, tenderness, calmness, nice charisma and ability to represent yourself like a queen.
  3. Foreign languages and communication.
    It is very important! Better if you know more than 1 foreign language. Escort prostitute is not a stupid doll, be nice in communication! Many men really like to talk with escort prostitutes not just use them for sex only. If you want to become escort prostitute you should be interesting interlocutor. You have supposed to be good at listening.
  4. Sex skills.
    Feel your body & enjoy it to the fullest, help your client forget about all his problems, give him a pleasure. Don’t simulate orgasm, otherwise do it like a best actress in the world! Last but not least: don’t fall in love with your clients. All men are dogs lol. Don’t forget, it’s just a business. Just do your work, ok?

Now you know how to become escort prostitute. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!