How To Become Escort Driver

Hi folks! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I would like to tell you how to become escort driver.

An escort driver can earn much more than a taxi driver. It’s really cool job with a solid income. It’s good motivation to become the best, right? Do you want to become an escort driver and build amazing career? Mmm… I’ll let you know how to become to success & make it happen. But keep in mind: without experience you will not be hired.

Some agencies have been looking for escort drivers throughout the years until they find someone with whom they are most comfortable. How to become escort driver? It’s not easy to get there and become one of them because the selection for this vacancy is very tough. Very important to have good recommendations and certain personal qualities: caution, foresight, punctuality, stress-resistance & responsibility.

Check these 3 main conditions:

  1. Valid driver license plus more than seven years trouble-free driving experience. Agencies choose strictly those who follow the rules of the road, without jeopardizing the lives of escort ladies and their clients. If you want to become escort driver you must ensure the highest safety level.
  2. You got to know your city like your five fingers in front of your eye. If you would like to become escort driver you must perfectly navigate the city and be able to find any address as fast as possible.
  3. Obey the law. Forget about this job If you have any previous convictions or criminal past. Strictly law-abiding applicants have a chance to become escort drivers. So… if you was a thug or convict you will never become escort driver, sorry.

You also must observe the cleanliness of the vehicle and should always look neat, be in good physical shape. Among other things: be able to quickly adapt to the changes in work, accurately calculate the time of arrival to the specified address. Be ready for frequent night trips, as well as trips to the nearby cities.


Before each trip, you have to inspect the vehicle, make sure everything is alright (a spare wheel, a set of tools, etc.), escort driver must become super driver who is always ready to help with repair. If you have skills you truly become successful in this business. And yes, no workplace romances man, don’t badger girls.

So… If you want it go get it, be a professional, punctual, brave & optimistic! Now you know how to become escort driver. Good luck! Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!