How To Be A Good Escort Client

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Today I would like to tell you how to be a good escort client

Flirt & sex is a part of human nature. So It’s nothing wrong in escort. Don’t be ashamed to meet a beautiful lady and be sure that something will happen! It’s my own experience. In any case every client can have a good time without intimacy. Why not?

Now check out some nice advices how to be a good escort client I prepared for you:

  1. Don’t be late
    Just imagine it’s your business meeting. Not cool to be late, right? Think about it this way and appreciate someone else’s working hours. Good escort client calls or notifies a girl about any force majeure happened. Good escort client pays for waiting time because it’s not girl’s fault. So if you need more time ask escort lady. Pay as for full hour even if it’s only 15-20 minutes overtime.
  2. Be romantic
    Good escort client doesn’t give money directly. Good escort client leaves it on the bed or table. The any way female could see it. It should looks like a gift.
  3. Be a gentleman
    Be benevolent. If you want to be a good escort client you shouldn’t show your superiority. Because it’s absurd. Be a man with a good manners and she’ll see that you are real alpha male not just another richy wannabe lol. And she is a real girl. I mean I’m sure she doesn’t like to hear a lot of cursed words or get too tight hugs. Be manfully. It’s easy.
  4. Be lavish
    Tips could be $30 or $100. Maybe more. Good escort client gets excellent service and acts like a king. Be generous! It’s the way to show appreciation for the quality. And be sure, she’ll be really happy to see you again
  5. Relax, take it easy!
    Enjoy lady’s company, her eyes, smile and good manners. Let yourself have some rest. She’ll get you a good sex (if it was agreed). She knows how to make your body happy. Don’t worry about nothing. Ok?

Just a friendly remind: escort is a service but man… She works fine and show you respect. Do the same. And I’m sure you’ll easily become a good escort client or maybe the best client ever!

Good escort client also should always looks fresh and clean, be neat. If you are really want to be model’s best client ever, you could do more. Buy a good wine, nice perfume or maybe gift certificate (yoga or SPA). You also could make a gift on model’s birthday (if there is a possibility to hire her this day of cours).

Now you know how to be a good escort client. See you later. Stay tuned! Bye!