How Much Does It Cost To Start An Escort Agency

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Some people ask me: Hey, Mira! Can you give me an idea of the cost of an escort agency? Ok, today I’ll tell you how much does it cost to start it.

If you have organizational skills & have a rich imagination, you may start an escort agency. How much does it cost to start an escort agency? It’s a good question. To start an escort agency you don’t need for a large start-up capital, and a well-organized project of an escort agency will bring you good money after a few months. What will it cost, overall? If you are  rich & ambitious plus seriously plan to start it… the average cost to start an escort agency is $500 000 but better have $1 000 000 at the start.

Top tips to start an escort agency

  1. Business plan. Of course, before the opening of the escort agency you need to start with a business plan. This will provide an opportunity to calculate income & expenses, assess risks, as well as ways to solve certain problems. Make an assessment of all possible costs that may include rent payments, salaries of employees of your agency & the purchase of equipment. You should approximately establish the desired income. To do this, it is necessary to assess the market for the services you offer (prices, as well as supply & demand). With high demand & low competition, the cost of services can be slightly increased.
  2. Registration of an escort agency. Before the start choose a name of your escort agency. It should be original & memorable. Then you need to go through the registration procedure with the tax inspectorate at your place of residence or where a legal entity is registered. Collect all the necessary documents to make it happen. Choose the type of tax. Remember: one silly mistake costs a success. Hire a professional lawyer & he’ll help you to avoid risks & start an escort agency legally without any problems.
  3. Office & equipment. Before the start you must find an office for your agency. Better find it in the central areas of the city. Not bad if there is parking near the building. You also have to install air conditioning to feel comfortable during the summer months. Also take care of the purchase the necessary equipment. Good hi-fi stereo costs $500 minimum. Also, don’t forget to purchase glamour magazines. It attracts the attention.

The cost of the initial investments fluctuates significantly – everything depends strictly on your personal choice – It might cost only $ 10 000 & it might cost all of $ 100 000 – even more.

Now you know how much does it cost to start an escort agency. I hope it helps. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!