How Much Does An Escort Service Cost

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort service baby. Today I’ll tell you how much does an escort service cost.

The cost of elite escort services according to generally accepted standards is quite high, which is why French escort agencies particularly explain in detail to their clients what they pay for. Sounds a bit rude? Maybe. However, quality services rendered by professionals cost quite expensive, and the scope of escorts is no exception because all services on the highest level.

The escort models, whose data are kept in closed photobases of elite escort agencies, are not just young beauties who are ready to accompany you almost in the status of an accessory. They are the girls with whom the escort service agency cooperates are not only because they are adorable by nature, but also educated and have good manners. Many of them are famous dancers, sportswomen, fashion models or even TV show participants.

Knowledge of foreign languages, interesting hobbies, from cute and charming to truly extreme, special knowledge in a wide range of areas – the choice is huge. If the abundance of attractive and talented girls doesn’t allow you to choose someone, you can ask escort service manager & he will be happy to recommend you a model based on your preferences and expectations.

How much does an escort service cost:

  1. Incall 1 hour costs 350€
  2. Outcall 1 hour costs 450€
  3. Dinner date costs 1000€

Yep yep. Good service costs good money. The amount of the “fee” get an access to catalog costs from $150 minimum, in the future the cost of the meeting will depend on the status of the girl your choice. Whether you are ordering a standard meeting or want a lady that you paid attention to accompany you on a foreign trip, the cost is agreed in advance, as well as the prepayment, and the “margin of allowance”.
No one lady of elite escort service will allow you to go beyond the behavior that you expect from it, in case of such a misunderstanding, you can also refund the advance payment with the manager who was engaged in organizing your acquaintance. In the future, if your relationship is harmonious, no one and nothing can prevent you from continuing to get acquainted with your companion. It is also important to emphasize one thing: escort service agency doesn’t take away gifts and bonuses that you might want to give to your lady.

Now you know how much does an escort service cost. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!