How Much Can I Make As An Escort

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. In my heart I can make the world hang together.

Today I’ll tell you how much can I make as an escort. First of all, escort should be a conscious choice. Only you can make this decision. In fact, you can make as an escort a lot of money but only if you are can perfect combine eye candy with a soul food. Yep, it’s possible & make sense. You need to make a conscious effort to make full use of your potential. At that you can make good profit.

The incomparable image of escort in mass culture is very stereotyped: drugs + alcoholism. So… I know why it happens. It’s always beneficial to the media and the filmmakers. They blame us in drug trafficking or even arms trade + conspiracy theories. It’s escapism. Escort nowadays is like an scarecrow or scapegoat.

Formally, an escort is a paid accompaniment of a wealthy businessman with beautiful girls. The requirements in this business are quite high: an escort model should be able to exchange at least a couple of phrases in two languages. She has good manners outside the bedroom: she knows how to dress, talk and behave in public.

Why do men hire escort ladies? As far as I can make out they need to get a breath of freshness, emotionality and good mood + confirmation that they are still great! After the meeting, the men describe their experience of meeting on special forums to other men in details, thereby creating additional advertising. Trying with one man – you will get 10 people wishing to get the same experience with you!!!

Sometimes married men hire my escort services. They don’t always offer intimacy. Some ask to spend time with them at banquets or go to a restaurant. Most married people like to spend time with a charming beauty. As far as I can make out they admit that they feel themselves confident. Once I was invited by a married couple. It was nice.

How much can I make as an escort:

  1. €350 per day minimum. If a client want to get an incall for 1 hour.
  2. €1000. The price for a dinner with a client.
  3. €1500. It’s for overnight.

I receive a lot of offers everyday. I do all I can do the best. Some men are waiting for a meeting with me for a week & it worth it, I bet. So… basically I can make €50 000 every month and it’s not a limit. In some cities, this amount may be less, in some significantly more. But I have enough for life, I can afford to spend money on what I need. Some escort ladies takes $ 2000 per hour, some much more. Professional escort ladies can make $ 100k per month.
Now you know how much I can make as an escort. Stay tuned. See you later. Bye!