How is escorting not prostitution

Hi there! I’m Mira and I’m a professional escorting model, so if you’re interested in how is escorting not prostitution, I can give you a detailed answer.

No, I’m not a prostitute – you pay me for escorting you at parties, business meetings or romantic dates. Thus, my work is limited to the sphere of entertainment where sex remains in the background. As you probably already know from my sexy photos, I look glamorous and prestigious, not like a prostitution worker, perfect for confirming a high status.

You can enjoy such an expensive-looking lady like me alone or in the company of friends – I will easily keep up any conversation and become the main decoration of the evening. How can prostitution offer something like this?

Of course, prostitution is spreading in spite of everything – you can hire a whore just around the corner or in the nearest brothel. In contrast to prostitution, escorting works primarily online – official escort agencies operate on legal grounds and offer websites for every taste.

In addition, such premium escorting stars like me have their own individually designed sites. My resource is entirely devoted to my escorting talents, not to prostitution. I do not want to hide my ideal young body and use the opportunity to demonstrate my perfect feminine curves in a private gallery.

So, let’s take a closer look at how prostitution is different from escorting:

  1. Escorting is not about paying for sex but for entertainment, while prostitution is outlawed.
  2. Escort models like me are professionally trained men and women who know their worth and feel completely free.
  3. Escorting is suitable for any leisure activities, be it a business meeting or a visit to a zoo.
  4. Your companion is nice and not stupid – he/she is well educated and has an opinion on important matters and how everything happens.

In light of all of the above, when people ask me how is escorting not prostitution, I answer that prostitution is a completely different sphere I have nothing in common with. Dealing with Mira Escort Paris, you get quality service and communication. Think about how a prostitution worker can fill an ordinary evening with a romantic atmosphere. How can indifferent eyes bring pleasure? After all, how would you feel after having a senseless act? Choose a real woman, not a cheap fake, in order to feel easy and free in Paris!