How do escort stings work

Hi! My name is Mira, I’m a professional escort model, and in today’s blog I’m going to answer the common question “how do escort stings work?” and why you shouldn’t be afraid of stings.

First of all, my new boyfriend must understand how big the difference between prostitution and legal escorting work is. While prostitution work involves only sex and nothing else (except for stings, of course), escort ladies like me are ready to offer something more – a romantic dinner at a restaurant, an interesting conversation or a representative look at a business meeting. Thus, you do not pay not for sex but for an all-inclusive escort work where two adults decide how and what to do as a couple.
So, if you are still interested in how prostitution stings usually work, let’s take a look at how the typical stings scheme look like:

  1. You feel like it’s time to pick up a hot girl for a night in your city but do not know yet where and how to look for here.
  2. No matter how, you realize that the easiest option would be to find a prostitute through an Internet search. You do this, visit a new unfamiliar website and offer one of the party girls to work for money.
  3. You go to private messages where you tell the new mistress how and for how much you want her.
  4. The girl is not an escort lady but a prostitute, so she immediately sends the price list for sex services of a certain nature. You make a prepayment or pay for her work when you meet.
  5. You do meet, and here you get a surprise – your hot girl turns out to be an undercover cop organizing stings! How is it possible?! Once you have transferred money for sex, you have committed a crime and must be brought to legal punishment. That’s how popular stings look like.

Yes, it may sound pretty scary, but you do not have to worry about any stings if you work with a premium escort woman like me. You do not pay for sex or stings, you do pay for a great time spent with a beautiful and intelligent escort woman. Your escort babe works and escorts you at important meetings, entertains your friends, and offers interesting topics for conversation. Who knows, maybe you decide to share this night in your room – but this shouldn’t concern anyone, no stings.
So how do escort stings work? They work only for prostitutes, while escort models do their work without any possible risks. Stings do not threaten all those who want to spend one or several days in Paris with me. I promise to make your holiday unforgettable and protect you from all sorts of stings. I work in legal services and know how to make a decent man or woman happy.