How did you start escorting

My friends often ask me, “Mira, how did you start escorting”? And the answer is always the same – it’s the work of my dreams, I am proud of my mission to bring beauty into this world, and the way how I started and came to this kind of lifestyle does not really matter, it’s my destiny. Yes, I call escorting my lifestyle, not a job or a hobby. I realized this when I first started sharing nights with interesting ladies and gentlemen. I also understood how to start enriching my inner world through close and sensual communication. How did it work? It’s simple – you give a piece of your heart to your man and let him in, after which invisible ties of attraction and passion start to arise between you.
Not so long ago, I first came to Paris from Eastern Europe to start a new life full of new sensations. This city immediately struck me with its grandeur and sophistication. How multifaceted it is! But how could I become a part of this new world? I had a few questionable options, but escorting never left my mind. I passionately wanted to know how it feels like – to start using my impressive shapes and graceful body curves for their intended purpose. Then I did what I did – I did everything possible to make this place even more beautiful with Mira Escort Paris.

I had a number of weighty reasons to start escorting:

  1. Such a “job” as escorting never feels boring. How else could I keep the flame of life in my chest burning without a constantly changing situation and new acquaintances?
  2. You never know where you start and finish the next escorting day – it’s so exciting! Isn’t it?
    Escorting is one of the few businesses where a decent girl can start earning decent money to take proper care of herself.
  3. No matter how you spend this night, you always look stunning with your new escorting companion – men do not take their eyes off you, and their girlfriends just sadly lower their eyes.
  4. After all, it’s so fun, damn it! That’s how I would like to spend my best years!

My friend, as you see, I had no doubt that escorting is the start of a new life. How did you start escorting I just went with the flow and suddenly discovered my lifework. That’s how I let my sexual energy out, as well as use my 100% mental and physical potential. And you know, I’m pretty sure that I will continue escorting for as long as my juicy breasts and slim legs make me and people around happy.