How Can I Work As An Escort

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort baby. Ok, I guess you ask yourself many times a question: how can I work as an escort?

Can you get an answer? Yes, you can! Because today I’ll tell you how I work as an escort. Work as an escort can give you wealth & chances to taste luxury life.

The first experience in this work may given with difficulty – all the taboos the society made would spinning in your head – “it’s a bad work” etc. I thought, why should I worry? I always wanted to be the best in sex, so… why not to make it work & do it professional? I asked myself: Can I do that? Yes, I can! I’ll do all I can! And pretty soon all the stereotypes have passed. I began to develop in the escort sphere: I did research, talked with some escort women, studied massage, the subtleties of geisha, heter & devadasi.

Top tips how to work as an escort:

  1. Be a psychologist. Some may consider that escort women are intimidated girls, who despise what they are doing and work to get the fast money. It’s not true at all. The escort woman has at least the basics of psychology, she can help a person to relax. Some men do not always turn to escort girls for sex. Some want spiritual support: to speak out, complain about their lives, their wives or work. Such cases have happened many times. One time a nice guy called me for a company to watch football together. We drank champagne and watched his favorite team play. It was a good day.
  2. Be natural. I do not consider my breast size a disadvantage. My breasts are large, but not saggy and beautiful in shape, it harmonizes with my body and looks natural. Some clients don’t like silicone because contact with an artificially enlarged chest causes unnatural and discomfort. I can take care of myself because I really want to stay fresh & sexy.
  3. Don’t simulate. Enjoy your work to the fullest – as much as you can. Don’t imitate orgasms or emotions even if you can play. Stay true to yourself & work nice. It’s funny but it helps earn big money. Vivid emotions in escort can help you to earn good cash. It works.

So… as far as I can see there are many solid and rich men, you do not have to engage in sex with them, but with your desire and mutual sympathy, no one will forbid you to do this. In any case escort should be a conscious choice that brings pleasure. To work as an escort or not to work as an escort is your choice. Anybody can make his own choice. Now you know how I work as an escort. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!