How Can I Work As An Escort

Hi everybody! My name is Mira. I work as a professional escort lady. Today I’ll let you know how to work as an escort lady.

What kind of ladies do gentlemen pay primarily attention? What ladies men want to work with? They prefer to work with charismatic escort ladies. Only the smart & charming escort lady is able to ignite the hunter’s instinct in a man, and therefore attract the maximum attention. Everybody knows this.

Beautiful girls will surprise no one. Not everybody can understand it. Modern makeup allows to make an attractive appearance almost to everybody. It’s not very hard. And if you resort to the services of cosmetologists & makeup artists, then even the most unattractive face may change to a face from the cover of a glossy magazine. Everybody can get it, but not everybody has a beauty inside in addition. If a girl looks nice but thick as a brick, then nobody will hire her escort services because she is boring. Nowadays everybody prefers clever escort ladies. I think everybody understands what that means.

Would you like to be a successful in escort work like a lady Mira? Ok, check out some nice tips I prepared for you:

  1. Intellectual adaptivity. Not everybody has a high level of IQ & not everybody is able to use knowledge in work the right way. Why own information on stock indexes & try to use it in a conversation, if the customer is from the world of art? Or at a business meeting with brokers, passionate talk about impressionism is out of place. Knowledge must be adapted to the situation, the field of activity in which the customer rotates.
  2. Royal manners. Every lady who wants to work in escort should know an etiquette: rules of behavior in various situations, conversation, etc.
  3. Client first. Being at work as an escort lady you have to increase the image of your client & treat him like a king in full view of everybody. Don’t forget about the ability to smooth unpleasant situations in which the client may be.
  4. Be at work better than others. An escort lady is a precious jewel. The escort lady simply has to be the best: beautiful makeup, intelligence, and friendly communication skills to everybody’s delight. Of course, everybody wants that. Develop your skills: read psychology books, learn new interesting facts & foreign languages. It’ll help you to be the best in your work!

Yes, an escort lady should be able to do a lot in her work. That’s why the salary of this work is high. It’s not for everybody.

Now you know how to work as an escort lady. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!