How are escort services legal

Hello, my friend! My name is Mira, I’m a professional legal escort girl, and today I’m going to answer the question “How are escort services legal?” in my personal blog.

So, we all know that in most countries you cannot just hire a prostitute legally without worrying about anything – this is not legal, and how penalties for ordering that sort of services are determined depends on the state’s legal regulations. But how can people call legal escort workers whores, if they hire representatives of a strikingly different services sector? My specialization is legal adult entertainment with erotic and romantic elements.
Thus, nothing prevents a gentlemen who hires me as an escort girlfriend from enjoying each other’s attention in a public or private place. Nobody should ask me about how I spend the night with my friend since the services for which you hire me are not associated with sex directly. Naturally, men and women alike wish to hire my curvy feminine shapes and big eyes, and that’s how my legal dating services are in great demand. My job as an escort girlfriend you hire is to ensure an interesting day and an even more active night.

How legal escort services work:

  1. Complete security and no legal problems.
  2. Escorting in all its forms – a chic status woman you hire appears with you in public, has fun with your friends, and provides private services when there is nobody around.
  3. You can hire me and book legal services without leaving home – do not hesitate to call and tell how and where you want me… to meet you.
  4. You spend time legally with a smart educated woman who does not obey any “pimps” – all that I do and how I provide services it is my own legal choice.
  5. It does not matter how you’re planning to manage free time in Paris – I pick the appropriate outfit for any occasion.

As you can see, my swet temper and flexible lifestyle will help you look confident at any event. In this case, nobody can even think that you hire or pay me for sex services because I look like a top-notch escort, not like a cheap prostitute for hire. Mira Escort Paris is my own brand that sounds prestigious and expensive. Being with me feels just like driving an expensive car or drinking fine wine – when you hire it once, you realize it’s worth it. So next time thinking about how are escort services legal remember my words and how everything really works when you hire an escort.