Escorting Work

Hi! My name is Mira. I work as a professional escort baby in France. Today I’ll tell you ‘bout escorting work in France.

Escort is prestigious, highly paid work for girls in France. Literally, this word means “accompaniment”. In addition, in different shades of meaning one can come across variants of translation from English, where the element of courtship is implied.

It means employees who are prepared by escort agencies to work with VIPs in France should not only have a good appearance from nature, and be at least 18 years old. They should be able to communicate delicately, the appearance should fit organically into any situation, wherever the lady is with a client: in the theater box; at a dinner party; during business negotiations and, possibly, the conclusion of a large-scale contract; at a country picnic; during the tour abroad, etc.

Check out some tips about the escorting work in France

By itself, work for girls in the escort in France involves refinement of manners, education and a special skill of communication. If you don’t have it yet – not a problem, everything comes with experience. Agencies consider all applicants, call and write them, let’s try!

Now you know about escorting work in France. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!

  1. In order to get an escort work in France, the so-called model appearance is preferable – it is always aesthetically pleasing, beautiful and attractive purely at a visual level. The most important thing is required from an escort lady in this work in France is to be a nice companion while accompanying clients on their official and personal matters.
  2. Is it necessary to have an experience in order to get an escort work in France? Don’t be afraid if you have no experience of an escorting work in France yet. Many “tricks” can be learned. All you need is a desire to realize your dreams as soon as possible. Everything else is the agency’s concern
  3. What about the features of an escort work in France? Every client wants to see next to him a decent pair. In essence, you replace his personal life, for which he (due to the highest employment) simply doesn’t have time. You have to meet those requests that are voiced by a specific customer.

However, your presence shouldn’t be formal. A businessman of France is a subject to stress, he needs understanding and support, caring female hand, correctness and relevance. Just be a nice & pleasant lady.