Escorting Work In France

Hi! My name is Mira. Welcome to my blog again. Today I’ll tell you about escorting work in France.

Surely you have come to this page, as you are considering the possibility of escort work in France or just interested in this topic. What is the difference between working in France as an independent (individually) and in an escort company? Independent models (such as Mira) work for themselves and deal with all the necessary tasks on their own: advertising, order control, finance. In general, if you work as an independent escort in France, then you are fully engaged in everything yourself, including solving all possible problems & issues. Not every girl can do it on her own.

Regardless of whether you have experience in escort work in France or not yet, many agencies will consider your candidacy. What do you need to do to make it happen? Just fill out a form on the selected site or send information about yourself. It doesn’t matter what country or city you are in, reputable agencies work with candidates from all countries. They will contact you shortly after filling out the questionnaire.

Some advantages of escorting work in France:

  1. Escorting work in France will give you a chance to easily afford everything that you have so long denied yourself & your loved ones!
  2. Short-term escorting trips (10-14 days). You’ll be able to work without interruption from studies & main work.
  3. You can pay for tuition & apartment.
  4. You’ll see the best cities & places in Europe. Not only France.

How much can you earn as an escort model in France? Earnings are highly dependent on the appearance of the girl, the quality of photos, feedback from customers and other nuances, but on average is €500 per day. The average cost of one hour with an escort model in France is €250. Escort agencies work by one of those schemes: 50-50%, 40-60%, or 30-70%. In any case, they’ll pay expensive and high-quality advertising. Ladies usually hold 4 or 8 meetings per day.

Who are the clients of escort work in France? Most often they are wealthy European businessmen from 27 to 50 years old who want to spend rare leisure hours in the company of a young and attractive girl.

They appreciate the beauty, freshness and grace, which is often lacking in their busy business life. The demand of appearances may differs a lot: various eye & hair colors, shapes, and other external data. But great communication skills is a must.

Now you know about escorting work in France. Stay tuned for more news in my blog. See you later. Bye!