Escort Service Cost

Hi! My name is Mira. I’m a professional escort service baby. Today I’ll tell you about escort service cost.

In the posh world of successful and respectable men, escort services are unprecedentedly popular. This demand is due to the fact that wealthy clients are accustomed to surround themselves with expensive and elite things at any cost, it directly relates to the ladies who accompany them to various kinds of events with a high cost of an order.

How much does escort service cost for the evening with a model? Cost is obviously important. Give you the answer to this question can only the girl you chose as your companion. What will it cost, overall? The cost of escort services varies from €200 per hour and can reach up to €1500 per day or more. These prices are approximate, the final amount is worth figuring out by making an appointment. The high quality comes with a cost, a cost so high that most average people refuse to pay it.

As a rule, if a client is going to spend several days with a beauty, it’ll be cheaper than ordering different escort ladies for several hours a day.

What does escort service cost depend on? The cost of the escort service depends on several factors, which include:

  1. The duration of escort services. If you want to spend two hours with a beauty, you pay, for example, €700, and the whole evening (regardless of its duration) will cost €1000;
  2. Presentation of the girl. The appearance of the model should correspond to the level of the event to which you are planning to go;
  3. Knowledge and skills of the escort service model – to a certain extent, knowledge of foreign languages is appreciated (it’s especially important to those clients who are going to meet with foreign partners), additional skills (dancing, massage, etc.).

What do escort services include? In most cases, escort services associated with sex, but it’s not always the case. Yes, there are frequent situations when an evening spent with a beautiful girl smoothly flows into a passionate night. But it is necessary to agree on such a continuation with a potential companion in advance.

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Now you know about escort service cost. Stay tuned in my blog. See you later. Bye!